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Sian Cornelius


During lockdown I started playing about with film. As I couldn't perform as a storyteller, my creativity had to come out somehow. I've always loved film and projection, even in art college all those years ago... so I started filming the woods and beach around me in our 1 hour exercise 'escape'. This turned into me creating my first little film 'Old Moll', where I narrated one of the Old Gower Fairytales. 


Old Moll

Coming out of lockdown, I think we were all still scared of being indoors with people we didn't know. I started telling stories in outdoor community spaces and started meeting older people, with amazing stories.

For some growing up during the war, they remembered a time when life was hard, but so much simpler. It seemed that despite working hard to help the family survive, they remember the freedom they had, wandering the countryside. Something they all agree they feel children now miss out on.

I've since started to film these amazing people and their stories.

They will soon be online, for everyone to remember and enjoy.

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