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Sian Cornelius

Public Events


The Old Gower Fairytales


Sian Cornelius 


















Available from 'Cover to Cover', Mumbles bookshop or directly from myself. 

Cost £15.

Instagram - heartofabard



Nourishing and Nurturing Heart Connection

The quiet still place where we can hear our intuition whisper and inspire creativity.

To be confirmed

Temple Wellness Centre, Parkmill

Cost £50

Bring lunch to share

Contact Sian 07854113640 

for further information and booking

New show

'A Maiden's Tale'

A combination of harp, myth and true stories, about women from across the ages.

Coming soon!. 

Links to Previous Work


Follow the link to see me tell a well known Gower fairytale 'Pennard Castle'. 

Old Moll

Short film with myself narrating one of the 'Old Gower Fairytales'.

Improvised music with birdsong

myself (Harp) and Ceri Rhys Mathews (Flute)

Transition Girl

by Sian Cornelius

Autobiographical book

published on Amazon kindle 

Interviewed by ‘Re-storying the Earth’ on building community with storytelling




Interviewed about the Old Gower Fairytales and the connection to the land of Gower.

Part of Gwaith Swn’s Sonic Darts radio show: folklore and landscape.

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