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Sian Cornelius


I have been practising Reiki for nearly 20yrs. After training to be a Master with Phyllis Furomoto for 6yrs,  I was initiated July, 2010.

Phyllis always spoke of having everything you need at level 1, the only reason to do your Masters was to teach. During my level 2 training, sat in a cafe on a break, I suddenly knew I would be a Master.

I wanted to teach. 


Learning Reiki


Level 1 class - £125

3-4hrs over 4 consecutive days

Level 1 is about your own healing.



Level 2 class - £350

3hrs over 3 days

Level 2 is deepening your practise.

Reiki Prices

To receive a treatment

Initial session (1hr) - £50  Follow up sessions (40mins) - £40


What to expect: Reiki is given through clothes and involves light touch or no touch. Drink plenty of water after the treatment.


 To book a treatment.

Contact Sian


In my experience, Reiki is an energetic form of unconditional love.

As they say in Reiki to heal the heart/ mind balance, to live the life you were born to live. Happy, healthy and sharing your spiritual gifts

Connecting to nature and Transition sessions

Each session takes about an hour and a half.

We walk, sit, just be in nature at either Caswell or Bishopswood.

Then come to my home for a cup of tea and Reiki treatment.

Cost £60

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