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Sian Cornelius


I have been practising Reiki for nearly 20yrs. After training to be a Master with Phyllis Furomoto for 6yrs, I was initiated as a Master in July, 2010.

Phyllis always spoke of having everything you need at level 1, the only reason to do your Masters was to teach. During my level 2 training, sat in a cafe on a break, I suddenly knew I would be a Master.

I wanted to teach. 

In my experience, Reiki is an energetic form of unconditional love.

As they say in Reiki to heal the heart/ mind balance, to live the life you were born to live. Happy, healthy and sharing your spiritual gifts


Learning Reiki


Level 1 class - £125

3-4hrs over 4 consecutive days

Level 1 is about your own healing.



Level 2 class - £350

3hrs over 3 days

Level 2 is deepening your practise.

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