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Creating a peaceful practice environment

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

In a recent meditation day I heard about the Upanishads, ancient scriptures that talk about the 4 refuges. I'm not someone who likes sitting with my eyes closed to meditate. I find peace and stillness walking in nature, or sitting under my oak tree, but listening to them talking about creating an altar I was inspired to try it.

I placed my angel cards and Reiki spiritual lineage bearers photos on the lid of a box in my bedroom, along with some pretty flower candles.

Whatever works for you!

Placing a fluffy rug in front of it I created a comfy place to sit. I don't meditate like I've seen others do, its not my practise, but I love this quiet still place that I can sit in, even if its only 5mins. It helps me connect to that place of stillness I need to help soothe my worried mind at times. Helps me keep calm when I'm about to take another creative leap of faith, but it also helps connect me to my teachers. It reminds me of the love, guidance and support I receive which fills me with gratitude. I sit and chat to them sometimes about stuff, sometimes I steady my breathing before standing up and taking my next steps. It all helps. 

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