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Remembering the cockle women!

I started work on a new project last year, as always, not realising how just incredible it would be!

My mum goes to a sewing group (share a skill) in Penclawdd, where the average age is 80+. Their amazing, so warm, kind and friendly, real characters! And have no problem in making themselves heard! I was there one day, working on a different project and two of the women (Julie and Jan) said "there's no memorial bench for the cockle picking women". Everyone agreed there should be, they inspired me to do something about it.

I love this photo.

So! A year later and I've made a film about the cockle women and my friend Beth Marsden did a silhouette drawing for the back of the bench. The families and friends of all the cockle women have been so kind and generous in sharing their stories and memories of the cockle women, including giving me permission to use old photos and film footage, such as the one above.

I'm getting the audio for the film 'fine tuned' at the moment, so I'll put a link up when its ready.

In particular, huge thanks to Brian and Ashley (Selwyn's cockles), Julie Bennett, Margret Eynion, Owen Howells, Winford Jenkins, Ioan Howells (old film footage), Mary Gwyn (photos) and Margaret Williams ('Swansea Remembered' facebook page). All of whom the film wouldn't exist without.

Paul O'Connor, Sophie Pollock and Ray! The film wouldn't be as good without your support and expertise!!!

Also, Mike Scott (AONB) has been so supportive and gave me a grant to help make this happen. I'm now getting ready for phase 2! The bench!!!!! I'm going to crowd fund to cover the cost of the bench and then get a grant to site it. Thanks to Lily Tiger Tonkin-wells for agreeing to help promote the film and crowdfunding page! Good luck with your film 'She Sells Shellfish/ Molysgiaid a Menywod y Môr' at WOW film festival Aberystwyth.

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