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On the 'Stories of old' trail!

Having been shown Eynonsford farm by my lovely friend Stef a while ago where the 'Ox of Eynonsford farm' fairytale is set, I wanted to find Llanmadoc farm, where the 'Come and come again beer' fairytale was first conceived.

I came across a reference a little while ago that gave the name, up until then I'd climbed the Iron Age fort, looked down at the landscape and village and trusted my intuition as to what felt right, saw how things from the story fitted together with the landscape.

My friend Paul is another story adventurer so he came too! We set off to North Gower, to the villages of Llanmorlais and Llanmadoc. Having not slept much due to the storm raging through the night and rattling my wooden home and metal sheeted roof I forgot my trusty story book...... I always get the names of Llanmorlais and Llanmadoc mixed up for some reason....... It must be the fairy world where logic and reason disappear. We arrived at Llanmorlais and drove straight past 'Llanmorlais farm' that was easy! We'd found it straight away! Knocking on the door I explained who I was and asked if they knew anything about the story that started there? The young woman who answered was really sweet, but had never heard of the story. We went to Llanmadoc and I showed Paul the place I'd set the story at. A beautiful farm with white washed stone walls and a barn opposite. He could see why I'd set it there. We couldn't find a place named Llanmadoc farm.

Arriving home I checked my book, no wonder the young woman hadn't heard of the story, it was set in Llanmadoc, not Llanmorlais....... Thank you for your time Harriet!

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